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Resilient Cities Network
Aligning Stakeholder Priorities in Urban Resilience

Thu 20th January 2022, Online

Funding, including the need to mobilize various sources of investment capital, plays an important role in supporting cities to address their resilient development challenges. The link between donors and beneficiaries, however, can be indirect, or limited to progress reports and formal governance structures.

The first Cities on the Frontline session of 2022, jointly organized by Resilient Cities Network and?the City Resilience Program, will focus on “Aligning Stakeholder Priorities in Urban Resilience”. Join us to hear directly from two of the world’s leading donor–funded disaster and resilience platforms (GFDRR & UNDRR), one of the principal donor countries in this space, and a number of city officials about the role of donor support for delivering resilient urban development, what value it adds, and how it could become even more effective.


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